Can I Copy Your Homework


What does Can I Copy Your Homework mean?

Can I copy your homework is a series of internet jokes and memes based on the idea of comparing two seemingly almost identical elements of pop-culture.

These memes often appear in a Twitter post format, showing a pretend-dialogue between two parties.

After the first one asks if they can copy the other’s homework (homework refers to whatever the pop culture element is), the reply usually is the following: “Sure, but don’t make it look too obvious”.

The images usually show two similar characters or items next to each other.

This dialogue-format was inspired by the common occurrence in high-school life, where students often copy each other’s homework and then get caught by teachers for making it too obvious.


What's the origin of Can I Copy Your Homework?

The format first appeared on Twitter in 2016.

User essentialpeach compiled a collage image which consisted of obvious rip-off versions of Disney and Pixar animation flyers. He posted the image with the following caption:

“Can I copy your homework” “Yeah just don’t do it word to word”

Spread & Usage

How did Can I Copy Your Homework spread?

The can I copy your homework became quite popular on Twitter in 2016 and the format eventually became a viral sensation, reaching its peak in interest around January 2017.

Memes regarding the topic surfaced on all major social media and image-sharing platforms, like 9GAG or Instagram, and is still considered as a popular meme-format.   

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