Careful He’s a Hero


What does Careful He’s a Hero mean?

Careful he’s a hero is a memorable quote and image macro from the 2004 Spider-Man 2.

Online it is used to pay respect to people who committed humorous and respectable deeds.

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What's the origin of Careful He’s a Hero?

Spider-Man 2 was premiered in the US on June 30th, 2004.

One of the scenes presents the titular hero, played by Toby MacGuire, stopping a train with his webs, after which he passes out.

The people he saved then proceed to carry him over their heads, saying the sentence “careful, he’s a hero”.

Spread & Usage

How did Careful He’s a Hero spread?

The clip from the movie was uploaded to YouTube by Movieclips on December 8th, 2016.

Captioned editions of the screenshot would appear on Reddit following September, 2017.

“Careful he’s a hero” would appear on several sites, including Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr, Twitter, 9GAG as well as Instagram and Facebook.

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