Casually Approach Child


What does Casually Approach Child mean?

Casually Approach Child is an exploitable image format, that is frequently edited and photoshopped online.



What's the origin of Casually Approach Child?

The phrase was first used in a humorous U.S. Army PSA guide for parents, about patting children on the back.

The second step of the guide is “casually approach child”.

It started appearing on various sites in 2016, including Tumblr.

Spread & Usage

How did Casually Approach Child spread?

In the following years, the exploitable would be posted on several websites in numerous edits, with references to pop culture phenomena like Dragon Ball Z or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It would be posted on sites like Reddit, Twitter, Imgflip, as well as Facebook meme groups and pages.

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