Cereal When Haves Milk


What does Cereal When Haves Milk mean?

Cereal when haves milk is a popular exploitable image macro comparison between the different forms of King Koopa aka. Bowser.

The subjects of the comparison are Regular Bowser and Dry Bowser, with the captions “cereal when haves milk” and “cereal when no milk” respectively.

The meme has since inspired a lot of exploitations and iterations.

Cereal when haves milk


What's the origin of Cereal When Haves Milk?

The “cereal when haves no milk” meme was created by CallMeCarson, as explained in his YouTube video, “The Most Cursed Images 3”, uploaded on February 9th, 2019.

The day after uploading the video, he shared the image macro on his Twitter account as well, receiving a large amount of likes and retweets.

Spread & Usage

How did Cereal When Haves Milk spread?

The meme spread quickly, with a large number of variations having been posted in response to the original tweet of Carson.

Shortly after the video’s upload, “cereal when haves milk” was posted on the r/CallMeCarson subreddit, with many reimaginings to follow.

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