Cheesed To Meet You


What does Cheesed To Meet You mean?

Cheesed To Meet You refers to a popular meme, and a play on the colloquialism “Pleased to meet you.” 

“Cheesed To Meet You” is a possible allusion to the Stay Fresh Cheese Bags meme, and is often paired with a mouse iteration of Pepe the Frog. The meme started appearing on message boards and forums around 2020 and has been gaining ground online since then.

cheesed to meet you


What's the origin of Cheesed To Meet You?

“Cheesed To Meet You” can be traced back to the /tv/ board of 4chan, where the first Pepe the Mouse, paired with the phrase was posted on August 1st, 2019. It was used as a reply to an Apu Apustaja cat by an anonymous user.

The Pepe Mouse image originates from a Pepe Directory, where it first appeared in 2018. It made rare occurrences elsewhere online, however, it was the “Cheesed To Meet You” meme, that brought it into the limelight.

Spread & Usage

How did Cheesed To Meet You spread?

It took a year for the meme to become popular online, with tweets referencing the joke emerging online in August 2020. Reposts and screenshots of the original 4chan thread also began emerging on Twitter, as well as other sites like Reddit and Instagram. Image macro variations soon started swarming the internet.

YouTube also became infested with Rat Pepe‘s  “Cheesed To Meet You” videos, with voiced skits and short videos emerging in the early 2020s, even as late as 2023.

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