Choccy Milk


What does Choccy Milk mean?

Choccy milk (also known as here, some choccy milk) is an alternative online version to refer to any kind of milk beverage that has chocolate flavoring.

The memes surrounding choccy milk convey ironic connotations, often mockingly framing chocolate milk as very valuable and as the superior liquid for human consumption.


What's the origin of Choccy Milk?

The original inventor of the phrase was a YouTube user called Reeve Savage in 2012, who uploaded a video of herself blowing air through a straw into her chocolate milk. The video was titled “blowing bubbles in mah choccy milk”.

However, it is doubtful that Savage’s intentions were identical to what the choccy milk had become in the future, because the comments have been blocked on the video since its upload.

Spread & Usage

How did Choccy Milk spread?

The meme was spreading mostly on ironic Facebook and Instagram meme sharing groups from 2016, with a few exceptions of it landing on forums like Reddit and Twitter.

A very common form for the meme has become a version, where glass of chocolate milk is photo-edited onto a recognizable character’s portrait, appearing as if the character was offering the viewer choccy milk.

In February 2020 an article of choccy milk was submitted on Urban Dictionary by JJCMUFFIN, who claims within the entry that choccy milk was one of God’s prime creations.

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