Clock Spider


What does Clock Spider mean?

Clock spider refers to a meme, depicting a clock, with a spider’s legs peeking out from behind of it, implying the presence of a gigantic spider behind the mechanism.

They are not something to mess with, seeing as how they can use the elusive dimension of time to their own benefit, such as hiding from the puny eyes of humans.

Would you mind changing the batteries on the clock?


What's the origin of Clock Spider?

The phenomenon originates from, where a user posted a picture of a spider climbing out from behind of a clock.

Since then, photoshopped and actual images were uploaded to the web, frightening and amusing the fans of the meme, well into the 2010’s.

Spread & Usage

How did Clock Spider spread?

Various definitions were added to Urban Dictionary, the first being written in 2003.

Several of those write about the phenomenon with respect mixed with dread, directed toward the might and ferocity of the legendary clock spiders.

Clock spiders could be seen on sites from 9gag to 4chan and Reddit, as well as Facebook meme groups and Instagram meme pages and every experienced user of the internet knows not to Google this lurking evil.

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