Clock Spider


What does Clock Spider mean?

Clock Spider is an internet meme that has gained popularity over the years. It consists of a clock with a huntsman spider’s legs peeking out from behind it, implying the presence of a giant spider lurking behind the mechanism. This image macro format has been used in many videos and images meant to be humorous, as well as to express fear or dread.

The size of the spider is usually not specified, but it is generally accepted that the spider must be large enough to at least fit behind the clock. There have been some reports of a real-life clock spider existing in certain parts of the world, like Australia, but these remain unconfirmed, as there are presumably no survivors to these monstrosities.

In conclusion, “Clock Spider” is an viral internet meme that has become popular due to its suggestive imagery and humorous implications. It can also represent fear or dread about something unknown lurking beyond our perception of time and space.

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What's the origin of Clock Spider?

The “Clock Spider” meme can be traced back to a single picture, uploaded to the website in 2003. In the picture, a huntsman spider is seen climbing out from behind a clock on a wall.

Since then, both photoshopped and real images of spiders appearing to come out of clocks have been circulating on the internet, frightening and amusing internet users in equal measure.

Spread & Usage

How did Clock Spider spread?

The “Clock Spider” meme began spreading in the early 2000s via online message boards and instant messaging services. The first definition of the trend was posted on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with a large number of entries following in the subsequent years.

As the years went on, the “Clock Spider” memes continued to spread across the internet, appearing on popular websites such as 9GAG, 4chan, and Reddit. The creature also became a staple of Facebook groups and Instagram meme pages, as well as YouTube videos, scaring audiences to death.

The “Clock Spider” meme has continued to be popular in the 2010s, with new images and videos being shared regularly.

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