Clown at the Computer


What does Clown at the Computer mean?

Clown at the computer refers to the most popular image macro of the snowclone phrase How yโ€™all MFs look.

The image macro depicts a sad clown at the computer, usually with something photoshopped onto the screen.

It is used online to signal users that they are being unfunny.


What's the origin of Clown at the Computer?

Tweets and posts involving the photo of a โ€œclown at the computerโ€ started circulating online in early 2019, with various belittling captions directed to masses of people.

The format quickly gained traction on Twitter, adopted by many users to mock certain people and their behavior online.

Spread & Usage

How did Clown at the Computer spread?

By March, 2019, โ€œclown at the computerโ€ would turn into a popular meme to ridicule others, not only on Twitter, but Reddit and other social media sites as well.

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