Come at Me Bro


What does Come at Me Bro mean?

Come at me bro is a confrontational phrase, used to taunt the opposing side, to initiate the fight as well as signaling; I am prepared.

It appears in a lot of image macros, most often depicting people in an aggressive posture, usually with the arms spread to the side.

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What's the origin of Come at Me Bro?

The phrase comes from the episode 6 of the first season of Jersey Shore, which aired on January 7th, 2010.

In the episode, Ronnie is seen engaging in a fight with someone on the boardwalk, all the while shouting “Come at me bro”.

Spread & Usage

How did Come at Me Bro spread?

Within a month, a definition of the phrase was already uploaded to Urban Dictionary, in which Ronnie is credited with the creation of the expression.

Over the next years, the phrase had appeared in several memes, YouTube videos, as well as Reddit threads.

In 2013, BuzzFeed uploaded a compilation of “come at me bro” macros of animals.

It had appeared in most of the meme and social media platforms, ranging from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, to 9GAG and Reddit.

“Come at me bro” remains a popular meme, even in 2020, being embedded into the lexicon of expression in the English language.

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