What does Concern mean?

Concern is a snowclone-type meme with traits that convey similarities to reaction images.

These memes usually feature a recognizable character taken out from a given sub-culture, posing with both of their palms held together in front of their mouth, giving the impression of being concerned about something. A text is commonly put atop that reads “concern”.

These are usually fan-arts drawn by enthusiasts of the given sub-genre.

*concern* meme collection


What's the origin of Concern?

The initial concern image was drawn and submitted by an anonymous artist in a 4chan thread in 2016, featuring the anthropomorphic fox-character from the animated movie Zootopia.

The thread since then has been archived and deleted.

Spread & Usage

How did Concern spread?

The format was brought in connection with many sub-cultures.

In 2017 a post was submitted on Imgur that compiled some of the fan-arts that have concern as their theme.

An art of a darkwraith from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, having the concern posture, was submitted to Reddit in 2019, in the /r/dndmemes community.

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