Confused Nick Young


What does Confused Nick Young mean?

Confused Nick Young is a reaction image meme, depicting Nick Young with a “wtf” expression on his face, as well as question marks written around him.

Confused Nick Young


What's the origin of Confused Nick Young?

The shot originates from a Thru The Lens episode, which presented its viewers with a day in the life of Nick Young.

In one of the scenes, the mother of the basketball player states that her son was a clown, to which Young reacts with the peculiar facial expression.

Spread & Usage

How did Confused Nick Young spread?

“Confused Nick Young” immediately started circulating on the web, especially on Twitter, where it was the most popular among black users.

In 2015, the meme started to evolve and various photoshop edits were surfacing on Twitter, as well as Instagram and later on other social media and meme sites.

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