Confused Screaming


What does Confused Screaming mean?

Confused screaming is a descriptive noise meme that originates from a Filthy Frank YouTube video.

The meme features a screenshot of the YouTube skit, showing Filthy Frank holding a frying pan in his right hand, while screaming and having a strong grimace on his face.

This meme is used online as a reaction image to express intense confusion about a surprising turn of events.


What's the origin of Confused Screaming?

The imagery of the meme originates from a 2015 YouTube video uploaded by Filthy Frank, a virally recognized YouTuber who is known for his absurd humor.

The original video’s title is β€œWorst Film Ever”, and the frame which later became the meme appears in it at the 6.35 timestamp.

Spread & Usage

How did Confused Screaming spread?

It is believed that the first confused screaming memes in descriptive noise format started to appear on 4chan and Reddit not long after the original video was posted on YouTube.

Throughout the years, the webpage that compiled the most variants was the r/FilthyFrank subreddit.

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