Continental Breakfast Chair


What does Continental Breakfast Chair mean?

Continental Breakfast Chair refers to the art installation of Anna Uddenberg, titled “Continental Breakfast” which is a custom chair inspired by hospital machinery and airplane seats. When used, the chair puts its user into a rather submissive and highly sexualized position.

Online, the “Continental Breakfast Chair” became a viral meme, with many wondering about its purpose and meaning, inspiring videos and posts on social media sites, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter.



What's the origin of Continental Breakfast Chair?

The “Continental Breakfast Chair” started out at the exhibition of the New York Meredith Rosen Gallery, whih ran between March 18th, and April 29th, 2023. The exhibition featured the bizarre appliance, which resembled tools seen in hospitals, as well as airplane seats.

During the exhibition, women were also placed on the “Continental Breakfast Chair,” in a highly erotic position. Hausa Novel and Aural Crave published articles about the exhibition, giving their Two Cents and their own interpretations on the art installations.

Spread & Usage

How did Continental Breakfast Chair spread?

The “Continental Breakfast Chair” gained large popularity online, thanks to the posts of Anna Uddenberg shared on her Instagram account filet_minion_thong in March 2023.

In the following weeks, more and more TikTok accounts began showcasing the installation, including @breakfastbyanna, which is likely connected to the artist herself. In April 2023, videos, discussions and posts about the contraption flooded the internet, making it a viral piece of art online.

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