Cool Bug Facts


What does Cool Bug Facts mean?

Cool bug facts is an exploitable image macro meme. This type of image contains a 3D-modeled figure of a goofy caterpillar, and a random text that is purposefully not in coherence with the image.

The text also often conveys an aggressive or menacing tone, making the whole of the meme satirically comical.


What's the origin of Cool Bug Facts?

The earliest version of cool bug facts showed up on Instagram in 2018.

User @thicc.yoshi posted the original and gained over 300 likes but the format did not thrive until 2019.

Spread & Usage

How did Cool Bug Facts spread?

In 2019, the meme surfaced on a Reddit thread called /r/pyrocynical. That time, the caption already was changed.

Soon after the meme spread over a number of different subreddits and got exploited in various ways.

In 2021, a YouTube video was uploaded by Gianni Matragrano with the title Cool bug Fact’s. It has gained over 1.5 million clicks since then.

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