Crab Rave


What does Crab Rave mean?

Crab Rave is the name of the EDM song and music video, which was produced by Irish producer Noisestorm, on the Canadian label Monstercat Records.

In online communities, both the track and the animated music video have become an iconic phenomenon.

The uplifting melody, the dancing crabs and the sunshine on the island resonate such a funky vibe, that crab rave has become the foundation of many parodies, remixes, and mashups on the internet.

Crab Rave


What's the origin of Crab Rave?

The track, along with the music video, was released by Monstercat in April 2018, as part of an April’s fool joke campaign.

The clip was uploaded to Noisestorm’s YouTube channel, and has generated over 180 million views over the years.

The clip features a large mass of animated crabs performing a choreographed dance on a tropical island.

Spread & Usage

How did Crab Rave spread?

The first memes regarding crab rave featured both elements of the clip and the track.

These memes mostly consisted of video remixes and mashups on YouTube.

Over the years, the tune has become iconic, and is still used as background music of various meme videos.

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