Crow of Judgment


What does Crow of Judgment mean?

Crow of Judgment is the caption of an image featuring a crow that looks like it’s making an angry, disapproving facial expression.

The image is mostly used as a reaction image, with the aim of expressing judgmental attitude or dislike regarding a certain act, person or topic.


What's the origin of Crow of Judgment?

Not a lot of things are known about the exact origins of crow of judgment.

However, one of the earliest appearances is from 2018. The image was saved on a board called memes on Pinterest by Lisa Williamson.

Spread & Usage

How did Crow of Judgment spread?

During the year 2018, crow of judgment was uploaded to various sites like 4chan, Reddit and could be even found on Wiki FANDOM forums.

After getting featured on the site, the template went viral and was made into several different versions.

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