Crying Behind Mask


What does Crying Behind Mask mean?

Crying behind mask refers to a Crying Wojak meme, depicting an MS Paint-drawn character with clenched teeth and tears seeping from his eyes, wearing a mask which depicts a happy face.

This meme variation has its alterations as well, as there is a diversity of masks covering Crying Wojaks face.

The meme is used for depicting situations, when one is completely devastated emotionally, but has to keep a straight face.

Crying behind mask


What's the origin of Crying Behind Mask?

The first Crying Wojak memes started emerging online in 2014.

The “crying behind mask” edit would start appearing in posts on 4chan and Reddit in 2016.

Spread & Usage

How did Crying Behind Mask spread?

Over the years, the format would appear on numerous different sites, as it would become more and more popular, due to its relatability.

As of August, 2021, “crying behind mask” can be encountered on sites like 4chan, several subreddits, as well as YouTube videos, Facebook meme groups and Instagram pages.

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