What does DaBaby mean?

DaBaby is the rap alias of Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, who is the subject of many ironic memes and shitposts online.

The “DaBaby” phenomenon has taken over the internet by storm in 2019, following the releases of the rapper’s two studio albums.

The meme itself refers to a viral animation video of the American singer and rapper, “DaBaby”, whose head morphs into a convertible car shape and is paired with the phrase “Let’s go” taken from his 2019 song VIBEZ.

Since its origin in 2019, the meme has become one of the most viral and widely used memes on the internet, especially on social media sites like Twitter, and TikTok.


What's the origin of DaBaby?

The career of “DaBaby” started in 2015, with his debut song, No Compadre.

He achieved fame and success in the following years, while also gaining notoriety through homicide in 2018.

His first two albums were released in 2019, with the titles of Baby on Baby and Kirk, respectively.

The song VIBEZ was featured on the latter, serving as the source for the phrase “Let’s go”, known from the meme.

“DaBaby” also went viral due to his song from his album, Baby on Baby, titled Suge.

The origin of the meme itself can be traced back to October 2019 when Twitter user @thats_so_tej uploaded a video titled “DaBaby Car” showing a 3D animation of the head of “DaBaby” morphing into a cruiser while saying “Let’s go”.

The video quickly gained traction online, inspiring other users to create their own versions of the meme, all featuring the head of the rapper as a convertible.

These videos were mostly uploaded to sites like YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

Spread & Usage

How did DaBaby spread?

Since then, the “DaBaby” meme has spread far and wide throughout social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

The meme has been featured in various videos, as well as being used to respond to different types of posts or tweets.

Additionally, it has been used in many creative ways, like photoshop edits and funny remixes of popular songs.

The rapper also became the subject of a plethora of memes in 2020, as his subreddit, r/DaBaby started to be flooded by a variety of shitposts, similar to the r/hiphopcirclejerk subreddit.

Overall, it is clear that the “DaBaby” meme has become one of the most widespread and beloved memes on social media.

From its origin in October 2019 to its widespread use today, this popular meme continues to bring joy to many people all over the world.

So if you ever want to add a bit of fun or humor to your day, why not try using this beloved “DaBaby” car meme!

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