What does DaBaby mean?

DaBaby is the rapper alias of Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, who is the subject of many ironic memes and shitposts online.


What's the origin of DaBaby?

The career of “DaBaby” started in 2015, with his debut song No Compadre.

He achieved fame and success in the following years, while also gaining notoriety through homicide in 2018.

His first two albums were released in 2019, with the titles of Baby on Baby and Kirk.

Spread & Usage

How did DaBaby spread?

The rapper became the subject of memes in 2020, as his subreddit, r/DaBaby started to be flooded by a variety of shitposts, similar to the r/hiphopcirclejerk subreddit.

“DaBaby” would also become a reoccurring theme on YouTube with meme videos, remixes as well as vlogs and commentaries revolving around the artist.

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