Daniel The Cooler Daniel


What does Daniel The Cooler Daniel mean?

Daniel the cooler Daniel refers to a popular exploitable meme online, used to refer to the more advanced, upgraded versions of people or things.

The image depicts two side by side yearbook photos of a student, named Daniel with one of the pictures depicting Daniel with sunglasses, paired with the phrase “the cooler Daniel”.

The cooler Daniel


What's the origin of Daniel The Cooler Daniel?

The first instance of the yearbook photo was uploaded to 9GAG on September 24th, 2013, depicting the two versions of “Daniel the cooler Daniel”.

The post had gained a large amount of upvotes over the years.

Spread & Usage

How did Daniel The Cooler Daniel spread?

The picture would be reposted on Reddit within days after the original upload on 9GAG.

In the years to follow, “Daniel the cooler Daniel” would become a popular format for comparing obsolete and superior forms of phenomena.

The meme format became known and used all throughout the internet, with it occurring on most social media sites, including Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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