Deal with It


What does Deal with It mean?

Deal with it refers to a popular catchphrase online to express one’s disregard for someone’s disapproval.

It is often paired with image macros and GIFs with sunglasses.



What's the origin of Deal with It?

The phrase was popularized in the 2000’s, appearing on content such as a 2005 comic of Matt Furie, creator of Pepe the Frog and the Feels Good Man meme.

The “deal with it” GIF format was spread by during June of 2010, when they shared the creations made for their “deal with it” GIF contest, with many GIFs depicting the classic format of sunglasses dropping on to the faces of people.

Spread & Usage

How did Deal with It spread?

The phrase became a popular format of reaction images and GIFs all over the internet, appearing on various social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

During the 2010’s, it also grew into one of the most popular hashtags on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram.

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