Delet This


What does Delet This mean?

Delet This refers to a popular image macro meme, paired with a misspelled caption, humorously urging the poster to remove the post, in a similar fashion to What Can I Say Except Delete This.

Image macros often include fictional characters photoshopped to hold a gun at the viewer.

Alternatively, the phrase can be encountered as a standalone copypasta as well, especially on message boards, forums and comment sections.

Delet This


What's the origin of Delet This?

While the expression “delete this” has been around since the conception of the internet, with the first Urban Dictionary entry on the phrase appearing in 2003, the misspelled version didn’t appear until the mid-2010’s.

“Delet this” would be spammed in the comment section of a video about a Garry’s Mod player being entombed under a heap of container walls, while screaming “delete this”.

The video, uploaded in 2014, has since been deleted.

Spread & Usage

How did Delet This spread?

“Delet this” started becoming a viral phenomenon online in 2016, as it would be frequently posted in YouTube and Facebook comments, especially under meme related content.

Image macros, depicting real life and fictional characters holding firearms also started emerging around August 2016, especially on sites like iFunny, FunnyJunk, 9GAG and Reddit.

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