Ding Fries Are Done


What does Ding Fries Are Done mean?

Ding fries are done is the title of a music parody song, which was based on the Christmas carol called Carol of the bells.

The parody’s lyrics depict a usual day of a local fast food chain worker called Billy, singing about his everyday duties and chores, such as flipping burgers or making fries.

It is sung in a poor, off-note way, signaling the ironic take on the original Christmas carol song.

Ding Fries Are Done


What's the origin of Ding Fries Are Done?

The origin of ding fries are done is rather mysterious.

In 1993, a TV commercial named A very spastic Christmas with Billy was produced, although it was never officially aired in any broadcast channels.

The commercial was advertising a new music album which featured Ding fries are done among several other songs.

The commercial was quite odd and it is hard to make out its exact purpose, because although the ad appeared to be only a mockery at first, it was actually available for purchase on cassette tapes via mail in the U.S.

Spread & Usage

How did Ding Fries Are Done spread?

A radio show called Dr. Demento Radio Show featured the Ding fries are done song first during its Christmas-themed episode in 1993.

The song appeared in the show over 40 times since then.

In 2002, a flash video version of the song was created by an anonymous person who runs under the alias S. Woodman.

This video was uploaded to the site AmericanAngst, and started to spread from there on other platforms on the internet.

The American cartoon TV series Family Guy featured the Ding fries are done flash animation in one of its episodes, titled Deep Throats.

Following that, many parodies of the flash video started to surface on YouTube as well, with either fictional cartoon or anime characters, or real life people appearing to sing the lyrics of the song.

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