Dishonor On Your Cow


What does Dishonor On Your Cow mean?

Dishonor on your cow is a reaction image GIF meme.

It is often used in order to shame someone for their morally questionable acts or opinions.


What's the origin of Dishonor On Your Cow?

The meme originally is taken from one scene of the 1998 Disney animated princess movie titled Mulan.

The quote is uttered during the introduction of the character Mushu, voiced by Eddie Murphy.

In the scene, Mushu approaches Mulan, the protagonist, by offering her his services as a guarding dragon, although he is pretty small in size. When Mulan gives voice to her concerns, Mushu goes out on a rant.

โ€œDishonor you! Dishonor on your cow!โ€- says the angry Mushu at the end of the scene.

The story of Mushu is based on a real traditional Chinese fable.

Spread & Usage

How did Dishonor On Your Cow spread?

The meme started out on fandom quoting sites such as Quotesgram in 2015.

Later, dishonor on your cow was added on Pinterest and then eventually Meme Generator.

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