Dog With Hat


What does Dog With Hat mean?

Dog with hat (or originally Dogwifhat) is an explitable meme that is mostly relevant among gaming communities.

It features a picture of a shiba inu pup wearing a pink knitted hat, but the hat’s texture is often replaced with various patterns such as gamer logos.


What's the origin of Dog With Hat?

The hype around the hat-wearing canine started out on Twitter in 2019.

Professional Fortnite player named issa changed his profile picture to the dog. A since then suspended account commented β€œDogwifhat” under it.

Later other Fortnite players also changed their profile pictures to the same image and eventually created the Dog with hat trend.

Spread & Usage

How did Dog With Hat spread?

The hype started to spread among Rocket League fans as well.

At the end of 2019 a Woman Yelling at a Cat meme was submitted on Twitter, complaining about everyone having the identical profile picture and thus is impossible to tell apart.

Few days later came the solution, when @CR1MS1C published a variety of dog with hat images, with the dog’s hat being altered into different gamer clan logos and memes.

During and after this time, high-profile gamers and organizations started to actively use these images as profile pictures, with hashtags such as #dogwifhat and #dogwifhatgang.

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