Donde Esta La Biblioteca


What does Donde Esta La Biblioteca mean?

Donde esta la biblioteca refers to a popularized Spanish phrase, that is known to be the one of the first sentences people are taught in Spanish courses.

The expression became the center of a YouTube trend after it was featured in Community, a sitcom series on NBC.

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What's the origin of Donde Esta La Biblioteca?

The phrase is heard in the Season 1 Episode 2 of Community, which aired on September 24th, 2009 under the title Spanish 101.

During the end credits, Abed and Troy (portrayed by Danny Pudi and Donald Glover respectively) freestyle rap, using incoherent Spanish words that rhyme.

Spread & Usage

How did Donde Esta La Biblioteca spread?

Within the same years, parodies and remixes would be uploaded to YouTube, featuring the nonsensical freestyle from the series, from which the most memorable sentence, “donde esta la biblioteca” became the phrase of reference.

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