Don’t Ask Questions Just Consume Product


What does Don’t Ask Questions Just Consume Product mean?

Don’t ask question just consume product refers to a quote from TV-and media personality Jay Bauman.

It’s generally used as a reaction to comment on consumer society in a negative way.

This format has been utilized as a “Consume Product” meme, with a special aim make fun of mainstream, pop culture consuming society, like superhero fans or enjoyers of the Star Wars franchise.


What's the origin of Don’t Ask Questions Just Consume Product?

“Don’t ask questions, just consume product. Then get excited for next product.”

These sentences were said by Jay Bauman in an episode of The Nerd Crew.

The words were quickly caught up on Reddit, in a few subreddits dealing with the topic of anti-consumerism.

Spread & Usage

How did Don’t Ask Questions Just Consume Product spread?

In 2019, a video was uploaded on YouTube named “Don’t ask Questions, just consume Product and then get exited for next Product”.

The video then landed and made some noise in the since deleted r/ConsumeProducts.

There was even a debate regarding the meme, whether it was meant to be funny or, if it really is just a depiction of society.

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