Don’t Care Didn’t Ask Plus You’re White


What does Don’t Care Didn’t Ask Plus You’re White mean?

Don’t care didn’t ask plus you’re white is an internet catchphrase featuring a series of reaction image memes.

Memes of this kind often surface under political discussions online, and are meant to express a lack of compliance.

However, oftentimes these memes occur in ironic meme communities and feature a more edgy type of humor. This is because the catchphrase don’t care didn’t ask became a snowclone format on Reddit in 2018.


What's the origin of Don’t Care Didn’t Ask Plus You’re White?

The original meme featured a horizontally mirrored image of 50 Cent showing the middle finger, which was created from a screenshot taken from a video that the rapper uploaded about himself on Instagram in 2014.

The caption “don’t care didn’t ask plus you’re white” was added to the image, which then initially surfaced on Reddit in r/bruhmoment.

Spread & Usage

How did Don’t Care Didn’t Ask Plus You’re White spread?

From 2014, the format started to spread on Instagram, Reddit, as well as iFunny and other image sharing platforms.

Later on, snowclone variants started to appear as well on these sites from around 2019, which resulted in a peak in search interest about don’t care didn’t ask on Google.

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