Door Stuck


What does Door Stuck mean?

Door stuck is the title of a YouTube video that has gone viral, featuring a recording of a Counter-Strike 1.6 player griefing his teammate while shouting “Door stuck!” among other things.

The video has become a viral meme over time, and has become a common reference in internet culture, inspiring many remix videos and other comical content.

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What's the origin of Door Stuck?

The original video was uploaded on YouTube in 2007 by a user called Kinetik001.

In the video we can see him playing the popular first person shooter game Counter-Strike 1.6 with his teammate.

At the beginning of the round, Kinetik001 immediately starts to grief him by following him and rapping some rap lyrics in the voice chat. Then, his teammate iambackk gets stuck in a door and Kinetik001 starts to shout “Door stuck, door stuck!”

The video has generated over 20 million views since its upload.

Spread & Usage

How did Door Stuck spread?

The hype around the door stuck video was primarily generated in the Counter-Strike community around 2007 and 2009.

As the video started to get recognition, a number of YouTube remix videos started to float around that featured the door stuck meme.

Eventually this phenomenon became so well-known that in 2019 an artwork featuring the door stuck meme won an official sticker design contest for CS:GO, organized by Valve, the developers of Counter-Strike.

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