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What does Download More RAM mean?

Download more RAM is a humorous phrase, directed toward those who lack an understanding for technology, specifically the difference between hardware and software.

“Download more RAM” is an impossible feat, as RAM is a hardware, a part of the computer, not a software, that could be downloaded and ran on it.

It is prevalent on tech and gaming forums, where users troll the inexperienced with jokes like Delete System 32 or “Download More RAM”.

Working at an IT desk for the summer and a guy tells me he thinks he may have gotten a virus because he tried to download more RAM.


What's the origin of Download More RAM?

One of the earliest cases of someone inquiring for “downloading more RAM” emerged on the Apple Insider forums on January 20th, 2004.

User SpcMs asked for help with obtaining RAM illegally in a thread, where he was promptly told, that RAM is not something one can download, rather it is something that one buys.

Spread & Usage

How did Download More RAM spread?

In the following years, numerous posts emerged online, with people wanting to download RAM to their computers.

These were usually posted on sites like Overclockers, GameSpot or Tech Support Forum.

In 2007, the domain was launched, with claims that additional RAM could be downloaded from that site.

“Download more RAM” remains a popular goal for many, while others use the phrase as a humorous device while trolling someone online.

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