Drowning High Five


What does Drowning High Five mean?

The Drowning High Five comic is a four panel visual telling of a story, by Gudim.

It tells the story of a hand sticking out from underwater, belonging to a drowning person. Another hand comes in but instead of saving the person, it just gives a high five.

The comic became a meme, both as a reaction image, as well as an object label exploitable.

High fiving guy that is drowning, but they are both drowning from r/MemeTemplatesOfficial


What's the origin of Drowning High Five?

The original version of the comic was uploaded to Gudimโ€™s Instagram page on June 19th, 2017, amassing a large amount of appreciation.

Spread & Usage

How did Drowning High Five spread?

The comic became viral as a reaction image for gloating at the expense of exes and other archetypical relations, people despise.

These were spreading on Facebook, Instagram, as well as Reddit.

In 2019, the object labeling version of the meme appeared on Reddit and since then had spread on various other popular social media sites.

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