Elmo on Fire


What does Elmo on Fire mean?

Elmo on fire also called Hellmo or Elmo Rise refer to a series of memes, depicting a clumsily sculpted Elmo figure from Sesame Street.

These image macros or GIFs often depict the figure, engulfed in fire, which is why the reference “Elmo on fire” is popular.


What's the origin of Elmo on Fire?

The first known post, containing an image of the figure on a cake can be traced to a post on CarWrecks.com, shared on November 1st, 2012.

Spread & Usage

How did Elmo on Fire spread?

“Elmo on fire” would first appear as an image macro in 2013, as the picture would spread to Tumblr.

It would be featured on GIFs with flames licking Elmo as if he’s hailing Satan, just like an edition of the meme captions him.

By 2015, YouTube videos of people burning Elmo dolls would start appearing.

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