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What does Epic Gamer Moment mean?

An epic gamer moment is a phrase, that is used a lot in various situations and contexts, all with a different meaning.

It may be utilized in a regular sense, when performing an impressive feat, during a video game session, or even in real life.

In others senses, it is often mixed with extreme jokes, related to the supposed bad influence of video games on people, many anti-gamers come up with.

These jokes may range from jests about mass shootings to pedophilia to racism.

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What's the origin of Epic Gamer Moment?

The expression is a derivative of a previously viral phrase “heated gamer moment” that was created in relation to online personality PewDiePie saying the n-word during a video game stream in 2017.

Many were outraged, but some people brought up the fact in PewDiePie’s defense, that he was in a heated gamer moment.

The expression had then started to be used humorously in relation to racist comments and phrases like the 14 words.

“Epic Gamer Moment” as an expression linked to absurd and dark jokes started to be utilized in 2018, following the popularity of “heated gaming moment”.

Spread & Usage

How did Epic Gamer Moment spread?

The phrase had amassed great popularity among memers, who eagerly make fun of anti-videogame people.

While the application of the term varies, most often we may find it as a title to random Reddit posts (especially memes) or otherwise, in situations when people are telling about their impressive feats achieved either in a video game or in real life.

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