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What does Epic Gamer Moment mean?

⁤ An Epic Gamer Moment ⁢ refers to ‍a ‍significant achievement, play, or event ⁣within​ the⁣ realm of video gaming that is considered remarkable, unexpected, ⁤or skillfully⁣ executed.

It represents a⁢ moment⁢ of ⁤triumph, awe, ‍or satisfaction ⁤that‌ often leads to ‍intense excitement and a sense​ of pride among gamers. This phrase is commonly used within⁢ the ​gaming ‌community to describe⁤ extraordinary feats or‌ memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression‌ on ⁤players, as well as moments of luck, where RNGesus has smiled upon the player.

Alternatively, “Epic Gamer Moment” is also a popular meme online, where acts of extreme violence and prejudice are labeled as “Epic Gamer Moments”, as an allusion to the frequent blame, video games get for being a bad influence on youth in mass media.

Example:‌ Imagine successfully executing a complex series‍ of⁣ moves and strategies in a competitive game to outsmart and defeat⁢ your opponents. Your heart is pounding, adrenaline is rushing through your veins, and you can’t help but ‌shout in triumph as you ​achieve an improbable victory.⁢ This exhilarating moment would⁢ undeniably be considered an‌ epic gamer moment! ⁤

Epic gamer moment


What's the origin of Epic Gamer Moment?

“Epic Gamer Moment” was inspired by a previously viral phrase “Heated Gamer Moment” that was created in relation to online personality PewDiePie saying the n-word during a video game stream in 2017. A similar “Heated Gamer Moment” of PewDiePie led to the creation of the phrase Twitch Thot online.

Many were outraged, but some people brought up the fact in PewDiePie’s defense, that he was in a “Heated Gamer Moment”. The expression had then started to be used humorously in relation to racist comments and phrases like the 14 Words.

“Epic Gamer Moment” as an expression linked to absurd and dark jokes started to be utilized in 2018, following the popularity of “Heated Gaming Moment”.

Spread & Usage

How did Epic Gamer Moment spread?

The concept of‍ an “Epic Gamer Moment” quickly spread among gamers through ‍online platforms such​ as forums, social media, and gaming communities.

It became a common way to express the awe and​ excitement that comes from witnessing or‌ being a part of ⁢extraordinary gaming achievements, while also serving as a virtual Epic Handshake. ‍

Alternatively, offensive memes, videos, and online ‌discussions⁤ surrounding the “Epic Gamer Moment” trend also continue to⁢ circulate and contribute to the spread of ​this​ phrase today.

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