Everything’s Coming Up, Milhouse


What does Everything’s Coming Up, Milhouse mean?

Everything’s coming up, Milhouse is the modern day a slang equivalent of the idiomatic phrase “everything’s coming up roses” from the musical Gypsy.

It could be used as an exclamation at an unexpected positive outcome or as a motivational phrase, signaling that the person’s luck is about to turn for the better.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse


What's the origin of Everything’s Coming Up, Milhouse?

The original phrase, “everything’s coming up roses” comes from the 1959 musical, written by Arthur Laurents and composed by Jule Styne.

The phrase was given as the title of a song, that would become a hit; so much so that “everything’s coming up roses” turned into an idiomatic expression.

“Everything’s coming up Milhouse” is a Simpson’s take on the original clause, appearing in the Simpson’s episode Mom and Pop Art, aired on April 11th, 1999.

Spread & Usage

How did Everything’s Coming Up, Milhouse spread?

Thanks to the origin of the phrase, “everything’s coming up, Milhouse” would become an iconic meme among fans of the series.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2004.

Online, the phrase can be seen as a reaction image.

“Everything’s coming up, Milhouse” was also featured in a later episode of the Simpson’s in Season 22, Episode 20 titled “Homer Scissorhands”.

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