Everywhere I Go I See His Face


What does Everywhere I Go I See His Face mean?

Everywhere I go I see his face is a memorable sentence said by actor Tom Holland in the role of the character Spider-Man during a scene in the Marvel action-hero movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The catchphrase quickly became the theme of exploitbale memes, as many people started to exploit the scene in the form of video remixes and ironic photo-edited images.

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What's the origin of Everywhere I Go I See His Face?

Before the original movie was released, the scene containing the everywhere I go I see his face moment has already been published for the general public, as it was featured in the movie’s official trailer as well.

The trailer was uploaded on YouTube on May 6th, 2019 by the channel Sony Pictures Entertainment. The video has generated 85 million views in two and a half years.

During the scene we can see Spider-Man crouching in front of a graffiti of Iron Man. The view of the drawing on the wall pushes him into nostalgia as remembers his icon, narrating the scene by uttering “everywhere I go I see his face”.

Spread & Usage

How did Everywhere I Go I See His Face spread?

As a meme, everywhere I go I see his face was initially implemented into a series of exploitables on Instagram, where people switch up the Iron-Man graffiti with random, funny imagery.

After making a great impact in the Instagram community, video memes started surfacing on Reddit pretty rapidly.

Eventually, the template was added to the site Imgflip and memetemplates.in as well.

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