Expand Dong


What does Expand Dong mean?

“Expand Dong” is a photoshopped image made from the original “Donkey Kong 64” games cover with the “expand dong” text under his “excited” face.

This has spawned a trend and inspired similar parodies, featuring other larger video game franchise characters on websites like Tumblr and 4chan.

This has led on to spawn multiple variants and reaction images to “lewd” or “raunchy” images.

An opposite version exists on the internet, featuring the same character, Donkey Kong, but with the words “No, this does not expand dong”.

Expand dong


What's the origin of Expand Dong?

“Expand Dong” was originally created on the messaging board website 4chan.org’s subpage /v/ board in late 2012, from the box art image of the video game called “Donkey Kong 64”.

The original image was taken from the box of this 1999 Nintendo 64 platformer game, with the text now made up of randomly cropped characters, which adds to its meaning.

Spread & Usage

How did Expand Dong spread?

The term/meme “Expand Dong” started to spread from the messaging board website 4chan.org in the early 2013’s.

Later it got the attention of the website Tumblr’s audience where people started to make similar memes based off other Nintendo 64 games box arts, then later on looking for other consoles and characters like the Sony PlayStation and its character “Crash Bandicoot”.

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