Extremely Loud Incorrect Buzzer


What does Extremely Loud Incorrect Buzzer mean?

Extremely Lound Incorrect Buzzer, often stylized as [EXTREMELY LOUD INCORRECT BUZZER] is a popular catcphrase meme, referencing the buzzer known from game shows.

It became a popular meme in 2022, with text memes, usually following the She X on My Y Till I Z phrasal template. “Extremely Loud Incorrect Buzzer” also became favored on Sus memes, mostly present on Twitter.

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What's the origin of Extremely Loud Incorrect Buzzer?

The catchphrase was first featured in a meme on October 12th, 2022, by Twitter user @hunter_hhhh. The meme was imitating the sounds of a game show, where he was attempting to form a She X on MY Y Till I Z phrase using the beef stroganoff dish, with every incorrect attempt followed by an “Extremely Loud Incorrect Buzzer.”

The tweet spread rapidly, amassing tens of thousads of retweets and likes, while it also inspired @TrickstersHole to share a voiced version of the meme.



Spread & Usage

How did Extremely Loud Incorrect Buzzer spread?

The remained of October 2022 saw a steady stream of “Extremely Loud Incorrect Buzzer” memes on Twitter, with 2023 seeing the spread of the meme to other platforms, including Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok. 

Despite this, the format remained most popular on Twitter, with users creating countless creative renditions to the meme.

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