Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings


What does Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings mean?

Facts don’t care about your feelings is a reaction meme and copypasta that is usually used under political arguments in internet communities.

The most widely used format of the meme often features American conservative political activist Ben Shapiro.

If Ben Shapiro runs for president, I will finally vote.


What's the origin of Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings?

The quote was first uttered by Shapiro in 2015 on the TV channel HLN, where he partook in a debate that discussed Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation into a transgender person.

During the show, one of the host suggested that Shapiro is rude because he refuses to use correct pronouns when talking to and about Jenner.

Shapiro then elaborated, claiming that it is not disrespectful and in fact: “Facts don’t care about your feelings”.

This part of the show then got uploaded on YouTube by HLN and reached out to over 8 million people, eventually rising Shapiro’s sentence to become a viral sensation.

Spread & Usage

How did Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings spread?

Like other political activist, Shapiro is very active on Twitter. In 2016 he tweeted “Facts don’t care about your feelings” on his page.

Though it was not given a context, the tweet generated almost half a million likes over time.

The image of Shapiro using the quote has been implemented into a wide variety of memes since then, mostly on Facebook and Reddit, but it also made appearances on Instagram as well.

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