Faith Hilling


What does Faith Hilling mean?

Faith Hilling refers to a satirical meme, first introduced in the South Park episode named after the meme itself.

“Faith Hilling” is the memetic act of men pulling their shirts forward in order to create and illusion of having breasts.

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What's the origin of Faith Hilling?

“Faith Hilling” was first aired as the 3rd Episode of the 16th Season of South Park on March 28th, 2012.

The episode revolves around “Faith Hilling” replacing the planking trend, only to be replaced by an even newer meme, Taylor Swifting.

Spread & Usage

How did Faith Hilling spread?

The satire of the South Park episode, arguing that any nonsense, no matter how Do You Are Have Stupid it is, can become a popular meme, proving that Every Day We Stray Further From God’s Light.

For a short period after the first airing of the episode, the creators of the series were proven right, as fans of South Park would upload photos of themselves “Faith Hilling” on various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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