Father, I Crave Cheddar


What does Father, I Crave Cheddar mean?

Father, I crave cheddar refers to the title of an abstract art piece, done by an unknown artist.

The statue depicts a misshapen Mickey Mouse with twisted limbs and a facial expression that resembles that of an agonizing scream.

Online, it grew into a meme, with a lot of references in parodies and humorous content.

Father… I Crave Cheddar


What's the origin of Father, I Crave Cheddar?

The original photo of the statue was uploaded to Imgur by hobiewan on May 14, 2016, stating that it was displayed at their local school.

Many users online drew comparisons between the style of “Father, I crave cheddar” and the style of Chris, artist of the Pictures that I gone and done website.

Spread & Usage

How did Father, I Crave Cheddar spread?

“Father, I crave cheddar” became a frequently referenced phenomenon in a short span of time, with Reddit discussions, jokes as well as inspired artworks surfacing all over the internet by the end of 2016.

The meme became the most popular on Reddit, Tumblr, Imgur and DeviantArt, with numerous artists rendering their own versions of “Father, I crave cheddar”.

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