Felt Cute Might Delete Later


What does Felt Cute Might Delete Later mean?

Felt cute might delete later (or feeling cute might delete later) is a meme series that is based on images of people, animals or other characters taking selfies. These selfies, which are occasionally not very attractive, also feature captions that pretend that the maker feels confident about posting the image on social media, but may remove it eventually.

The meme has derived into various versions over the years. The format “felt cute, might _ later” has become a phrasal template for the ironic meme community. People usually fill up the blank space with something contextual and humorous.


What's the origin of Felt Cute Might Delete Later?

The meme was born and popularized on Twitter. In 2017, user @PapaCone_ tweeted an edited image featuring Squidward from Spongebob taking a mirror selfie. He also added a caption on top of the image which read “might delete soon but I felt cute in this pic”, along with a bunch of emojis.

The post received a great amount of attention, and soon other images with similar captions started to surface on the site.

Spread & Usage

How did Felt Cute Might Delete Later spread?

Felt cute might delete later memes started to gain major traction on Twitter after the page @DankMemes started to cite an image of a dog taking a selfie.

Eventually celebrities, like Dr. Phil initially, started to use the catchphrase with their selfies that helped the format spread even further during 2019.

During that year, the #FeltCuteChallenge started to emerge on Facebook and Instagram.

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