Finally, a Worthy Opponent!


What does Finally, a Worthy Opponent! mean?

Finally, a Worthy Opponent! Is an unfinished quote from the character Tai Lung in the 2008 animated motion picture; Kung Fu Panda.

The original quote sounds like “Finally! A Worthy Opponent! Our Battle Will Be Legendary!”

A screenshot of this moment had started to be used as an image macro in 2016, initially as a Spanish language meme.

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What's the origin of Finally, a Worthy Opponent!?

The film had premiered in the United States in June 2008.

It is the main antagonist; Tai Lung who says the quote somewhere in the second half of the movie, when he first encounters the hero of the animation; Po, also known as the Dragon Warrior.

A GIF was uploaded of this moment to Imgur in 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Finally, a Worthy Opponent! spread?

The first instances of the meme, that were uploaded to the web were mainly in Spanish, uploaded to 9GAG and Memedroid from March of 2016.

The first ever English edition of the image macro was added in November 2016 to The original one was uploaded to 9GAG sometime before, but it has been deleted since.

It still remained relatively unused, up until 2019, when it had surfaced again on Reddit, in the /r/HistoryMemes subreddit.

Following this, the format had spread again, initially through the various threads of Reddit, then others sites and meme groups as well.

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