Forever Alone


What does Forever Alone mean?

The term is a humorous way to express one’s loneliness, and the feeling that they will never find true, lasting love and that they will stay single until they die, they will be alone forever.

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What's the origin of Forever Alone?

The phrase didn’t start with the meme and the internet. It has been used as a dramatic expression to refer to someone’s never ending loneliness, since at least the mid-1800s.

In one of the poems of Margaret Lawrence Pray, she wrote: “My life one echoless monotone, / Alone, alone—forever alone.”

But in today’s world, “Forever Alone” was first created by illustrator Dominic Vanner as a rage comic character in 2010. The “Forever Alone” face is a huge squashed looking head, with an enormous jaw, with a stick body figure, and it’s usually crying with the words “Forever Alone” written next to him as a final panel of a comic.

Spread & Usage

How did Forever Alone spread?

The meme got more recognition when it appeared in the popular video game Super Meat Boy in 2010, and in a Sony Ericsson’s Xperiathon marketing campaign. The interest of the phrase peaked on Google in 2012, around Valentine’s Day.

It got so popular, that the expression got its on fame in the mainstream media, and it was often used as a hashtag to a reaction comment on social media platforms.

The term is so universal; it resonated with many people who felt that kind of loneliness, and with this meme they could share their pain with others humorously.

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