Friday Eve


What does Friday Eve mean?

Friday Eve is a term used as a humorous euphemism to refer to the night of Thursday as the start of the weekend.

This phrase is often encountered on social media posts, images, and real-life conversations, and is usually used in a workplace setting. People may use it as an expression of anticipation for the weekend or to make light of the all the activity that may be experienced during a workweek.


What's the origin of Friday Eve?

While the expression “Friday Eve” may seem like a modern-day concept, it has actually been documented in history as early as the 1820s.

At the time, the phrase usually simply referred to the timeframe between the dusk of Thursday and the dawn of Friday. As a humorous concept, “Friday Eve” started emerging in the 2000s and it gained even more popularity after the first definition of it was added to Urban Dictionary in 2007.

Spread & Usage

How did Friday Eve spread?

Starting as early as the 2010’s, references to “Friday Eve” began appearing on workplace memes, with phrases like That’d Be Great as a recurring joke.

This form of culture has remained popular in the workplace, with image macros and jokes regarding the often-longed-for Friday evening appearing on the news feed and social media accounts of working individuals even to this day.

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