Friday Eve


What does Friday Eve mean?

Friday eve is a popular humorous alternative to refer to the night of Thursday, used as a euphemism, associating the day with the beginning of the weekend.

It can be encountered on image macros, as well as tweets and posts as well as real life conversations.

The phrase is usually associated with workplace environments.

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What's the origin of Friday Eve?

While the expression may seem like a modern-day concept, “Friday eve” has emerged in documentations as early as the 1820’s, although here the phrase usually just referred to the timeframe between dusk of Thursday and dawn of Friday.

“Friday eve” started emerging as a humorous concept in the 2000’s, with the first definition having been added to Urban Dictionary in 2007.

Spread & Usage

How did Friday Eve spread?

“Friday eve” would start appearing on workplace memes like That’d be great in the early 2010’s.

These image macros would remain a constantly appearing phenomenon on the social media profiles and news feed of workers even today.

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