What does Gachimuchi mean?

Gachimuchi refers to American adult entertainment actor / bodybuilder, Billy Herrington who became really popular in the Japanese online circles, and later leading to him becoming a meme personality on the web.

He was named gachimuchi, which translates to “muscular chubby” according to Urban Dictionary.


What's the origin of Gachimuchi?

Billy became famous after scenes and clips of his wrestling videos were started to be used in bait and switch videos around 2007.

While gachimuchi’s popularity began with bait and switch videos, due to their significant homoerotic load, later remixes of the video were also surfacing all over the web, as well as a 3D animation of the guy, titled Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend.

Spread & Usage

How did Gachimuchi spread?

Gachimuchi made such an impact, that the Japanese slang term for homosexual, which literally translates to “forest fairy” originates from him, since he is portrayed in one of his videos as a fairy, coming out of a forest.

Today, however the name gachimuchi is most recognized due to the Twitch TV emotes, created from Billy’s face and his varied expressions.

These emotes’ names all have the root “gachi” with different suffixes, which serve to describe the intensity of the emotion conveyed by the emote.

These names are as follows; gachiGASM, gachiBASS, gachiHYPER.

Billy has unfortunately parted this world in 2018, but he lives on in the hearts of every internet user.

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