Giga Pudding


What does Giga Pudding mean?

Giga Pudding, the dream of every Sweet Summer Child, refers to a dessert product made and marketed by the Japanese company Takara Tomy.

Online, a commercial for the product became a viral sensation, despite the fact that The Proof is in the Pudding itself.

New Japanese Giga Pudding 3.0


What's the origin of Giga Pudding?

“Giga Pudding” first emerged on the internet on October 27th, 2008, as YouTube user sukogi uploaded the dessert’s commercial.

The commercial itself is a stop motion animation of people reacting to the pudding, while a child is singing Sugoi Dekai (meaning so big) and “Giga Pudding”.

“Giga Pudding” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on January 20th, 2010.

Spread & Usage

How did Giga Pudding spread?

The original YouTube upload dind’t gain a lot of traction up until October 2010, when it was uploaded to BoingBoing.

“Giga Pudding” became a veritable meme on November 30th, 2010, when 4chan moderator invisibro embedded the commercial on the /jp/ board.

The same day, moderators on the /b/ board implemented a word filter, changing all words to puddi, a phonetic transcription of the “Giga Pudding” song’s lyrics.

A video of the event was also uploaded to YouTube that day, by barricademadness, with the title 4chan – PuddiPuddi Day.

When users were inquiring about how to disable the filter, many resorted to the classic Delete System 32 prank.

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