Git er done


What does Git er done mean?

The catchphrase Git Er Done, coined by the hilarious American comedian, Larry the Cable Guy (real name: Daniel Lawrence Whitney), is a motivational phrase that encourages people to take action and get things accomplished. This expression has become synonymous with rednecks, who use it as an emblem of unity and pride.

Essentially, this saying means to complete tasks, no matter how challenging they may be or what resources you have at your disposal. It’s all about being proactive and never slowing down, even when faced with emotional turmoil – just keep moving forward until you’ve achieved success!

While some outsiders might find humor in using “Git Er Done,” true fans know its power lies in inspiring individuals to do extraordinary things!

Git er done


What's the origin of Git er done?

The illustrious career of Daniel Lawrence Whitney, better known as “Larry the Cable Guy,” has spanned three decades since his debut in the 90s.

A ubiquitous presence on screens both big and small during this time, viewers have been treated to Larry‘s signature catchphrase – “Git Er Done” – which even inspired a book title bearing its name.

It was during the early 2000s that an ingenious fan created an image macro featuring Larry brandishing finger guns with the caption “Git Er Done.” And thus began one of internet culture’s most beloved memes!

Spread & Usage

How did Git er done spread?

The phrase “Git Er Done” has become a popular mantra, often used to motivate and encourage individuals in various situations.

Whether it’s tackling a task or mustering up the courage to approach someone at a bar, this expression is commonly associated with stereotypical Americans – you know the type: redneck, truck-driving, plaid-shirt-wearing gun enthusiasts.

Unfortunately for them (and perhaps fortunately for us), young city-dwellers tend to poke fun at these folks and their cultural quirks.

In fact, news website RT even published an article about how this catchphrase was mistaken as Arabic letters on suspected bomb packs! Luckily, though, it turned out that the whole thing was just political satire… phew!

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