Git er done


What does Git er done mean?

Git er done, sometimes written “git-R-done” is a catchphrase used by “Larry the Cable Guy”, an American stand up comedian whose original name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney.

The expression is meant to be motivational and means “get it done” or “just do it”.

It is commonly used by “rednecks”, and gives a feeling of unity and pride.

It symbolizes getting something done, no matter what, even if it is difficult and you don’t always have the means at hand.

It’s also about being proactive and never slowing down. Even when enduring emotional struggles, to keep on moving and “git er done”.

“Git er done” inspires people to do the extraordinary, however, it is often used jokingly by outsiders.

Git er done


What's the origin of Git er done?

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, or, “Larry the Cable Guy”’s career started out in the 90’s and  has been going on for a good 30 years.

Since the 90’s, viewers have frequently come across his catchphrase, “git er done”, which is also the title of his book.

During the early 2000’s, a fan cropped an image macro of “Larry” pointing finger guns, and attached the caption “Git er done” to it, and hence, the meme was born.

Spread & Usage

How did Git er done spread?

This encouraging phrase, and even life motto, is often exchanged between individuals in real life.

Sometimes it is about a task, but it can also mean encouraging someone at a bar to go talk to that chick.

The expression is often associated with the stereotypical American.

He’s a redneck, driving a truck, wearing a plaid shirt and is incredibly proud of his gun(s).

Because of this, it is often made fun of by young people, particularly the ones that live in cities and has not been affected by the “redneck culture”.

In 2018, news website RT released a somewhat ironic article named “‘Git ‘er done’ meme, not ISIS flag, found on suspected mail bombs”.

The catchphrase was depicted in such a way that it looked like Arabic letters, then pasted on assumed bomb packs.

The whole situation turned out to be a political joke.

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