Give Me Your Phone


What does Give Me Your Phone mean?

Give me your phone is a format of reaction images that usually features a person reaching out in the direction of the viewer, demanding to hand over their phones.

On the internet, these images usually appear under posts which are controversial or offensive.

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What's the origin of Give Me Your Phone?

There is no certain evidence about the very first submission of the format.

However, it is assumed that the first appearance of the format was on Twitter sometime during the year 2015.

What we know for sure that the original meme features an African-American child wearing an orange shirt.

Spread & Usage

How did Give Me Your Phone spread?

The original meme with the kid in orange was uploaded on Instagram by silentchris419 at the end of 2016.

Later the format got re-imagined, with a number of well-recognized meme characters replacing the boy from the original image.

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