Goats Are Like Mushrooms


What does Goats Are Like Mushrooms mean?

Goats are like mushrooms refers to a popular nonsensical copypasta, featuring a photoshopped picture of the Operation Kinder kid, Victor, with the beard of Osama bin Laden edited on to his face.

The whole copypasta goes as:

“Goats are like mushrooms, if you shoot a duck, I’m scared of toasters.”

Goats are like mushrooms


What's the origin of Goats Are Like Mushrooms?

While the exact origin of the meme is not known, an early instance of the image macro has been posted to Reddit’s r/funny subreddit in February, 2012.

The post claimed that the image macro was found on the /b/ board of 4chan.

Spread & Usage

How did Goats Are Like Mushrooms spread?

Over the following years, the nonsensical sensation has spread widely across the web, appearing with or without the image macro on pages like 4chan, Reddit, Tumblr as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and humor sites like 9GAG, iFunny or FunnyJunk.

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