God, I Wish That Were Me


What does God, I Wish That Were Me mean?

God, I wish that were me is a popular comment to an adult baby fetish artwork on DeviantArt.

Since its initial posting, the comment has been used as an exploitable and a reaction image online.

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What's the origin of God, I Wish That Were Me?

DeviantArt user misssuan002 posted a 3D artwork on January 11th, 2011, depicting a tiny grown man being handled, similar to a baby, by a large woman.

BigJB21 commented “god, I wish that were me” under the image on October 16th, 2012.

Spread & Usage

How did God, I Wish That Were Me spread?

A screenshot of the comment and the picture was uploaded to the subreddit r/CringeAnarchy in April, 2015, while at the same time, the screenshot of BigJB21’s profile was uploaded to Imgur.

Over the years, screenshots of the comment were shared on numerous sites, such as 4chan.

DeviantArt would see a large number of humorous approaches and reimaginations of both the original 3D artwork of misssuan002 as well as BigJB21.

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