God, I Wish That Were Me


What does God, I Wish That Were Me mean?

The phrase “God, I Wish That Were Me” is often used in response to seeing something desirable or enviable.

It expresses a feeling of longing and a desire to be in someone else’s shoes. In the context of the adult baby fetish artwork on DeviantArt, it is a comment gone viral, suggesting that the person wishes they could experience the same level of comfort and care as a character depicted on an artwork.

Although the meme didn’t attain long term recognition, it is still a popular memorabilia of the adult baby fetish community online, who still sometimes reference it on forums and comments.



What's the origin of God, I Wish That Were Me?

The origin of the meme can be traced back to a 3D artwork posted on DeviantArt by user misssuan002 in January 2011. The image depicted a tiny grown man being handled like a baby by a larger woman.

While the artwork itself didn’t gain much attention at first, it would eventually become the catalyst for one of the internet’s most popular memes.

It wasn’t until October 16th, 2012, that the phrase “God, I Wish That Were Me” was first used in relation to the image. User BigJB21 left the comment under the artwork, expressing his desire to be in the same position as the tiny man in the picture.

From there, the meme took off and has been used in various contexts ever since. It’s often used as a humorous way to express envy or desire for something that someone else has.

Spread & Usage

How did God, I Wish That Were Me spread?

β€œGod, I Wish That Were Me” spread further online in April 2015, when a screenshot of the original artwork and the comment was reposted in the r/CringeAnarchy subreddit. An image of BigJB21‘s profile was also shared that month on Imgur, making fun of the creator of the iconic comment.

In the subsequent years, the screenshots of the comment and the post were circulated online on sites like 4chan and Reddit.

The original illustration has also seen a large number of recreations and reinterpretations on DeviantArt, along with the profile and comments of BigJB21.

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