Going To the Store


What does Going To the Store mean?

Going to the store refers to a popular 3D animation of a naked man walking in a strange manner through a suburban area.

The animation quickly became viral on video sharing sites such as Vimeo and YouTube, giving a lot of exposure to the background music as well; “Little Ships” by Jean Jacques Perrey.


What's the origin of Going To the Store?

The animation was directed by the lead animator for Tron: Legacy, David Lewandowsky as the final part of a series, titled “Everything”, that was created for the film festival of Channel 101.

“Going to the store” was uploaded to Vimeo as well as YouTube by David Lewandowsky on September 2nd, 2011, rapidly gaining millions of views on both platforms.

Spread & Usage

How did Going To the Store spread?

“Going to the store” was shared by various online blogs and news outlets including BuzzFeed, Laughing Squid and eBaum’s World, shortly after its original reveal before the public.

The eerie animated character, slightly reminiscent of Meme Man was seen again on October 25th, 2013, when Lewandowsky shared a sequel to the original short film, titled “Late for Meeting”.

“Going to the store” inspired several parodies and live action recreations online, with its popularity still holding out in 2022.

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